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The Giant Bomb crew has been taken captive by their Russian doppelganger GameBomb! Go rescue Jeff, Drew, Vinnie, and Dan to unlock new characters.

NOTE: If you use the 'Enter' cheat, don't use the same character as the boss to avoid damage/attack issues (e.g. don't use Jeff against Jeff-Bot)

1.1 Patch Notes:

* Getting hit by Dan or Vinnie's attack as Drew, Jason, Jeff, or Rorie no longer despawns the character

* Controls screen now updated to show correct buttons for jump/attack

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Published 232 days ago

Install instructions

If cheating, the boss you are playing against cannot be damaged by the character that they unlock


EastVsWest1.1.exe (4 MB)
EastVsWest1.0.exe (4 MB)

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